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Two Years of Writing Online

Here is a plot of the posts published and words written for the contents of this website in the last 24 months:

Plot of posts published and words written from 2022 to 2023

We can draw a few observations: While there are no clear patterns there, in this year, 2023, I have written more posts (and more words) than in 2022. Also, this year I've managed to not go a single month without publishing, while last year I have skipped three months.

There is no publishing schedule from my side: I just write about something that interests me and that I feel that I should articulate in words, both for myself and for whoever might benefit from reading.

It is my opinion is that, in a digital-first world -- where remote workplaces are no longer the exception for knowledge work --, being able to articulate one's thoughts in written text is not a luxury or “good to have”: it is a key part of your self-expression.

As a thought experiment, imagine a year of doing something that you value. Now imagine that same year, but in addition to it, communicating those same events more eloquently and persuasively, packaging those same facts and ideas into a neater wrapping paper. I assume the second scenario has the better outcome, for about the same effort.