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What To Do When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

We've all been there. Maybe you're there right now.

You feel like you can't lift a finger. Everything seems to take insurmountable effort. You may feel like curling yourself up in a ball and ignoring all your problems. And you might even do that, while having the lingering thought that it is driving you into even deeper problems. Still, you can't bring yourself to do anything meaningful.

Maybe the solution isn't writing down a list of everything that you must do. Maybe you've already done that, and list seems even longer and the burden feels even taller right now. You feel completely paralyzed and any and every effort feels completely futile.

Everything is going to be fine: You just need to step back to the basics.

Still with me? Great! Now that we've got the basics down, lets tackle the present issues.

I hope that you're feeling better in more in control now. Remember that doing something, no matter how small, is infinitely better than doing nothing. A single push-up a day is better than no push up for a year. Brushing your teeth at all is better than not doing it before sleeping every day.

Take care. It's going to be alright.