Software and Computer Engineering

What to Ask When Onboarding to an Existing System

1. Where is the source code? Do I need additional permissions to access it?

2. Are there instructions or documentation on how to build and run the code locally?

3. How does the “modify + build + run” loop looks like? Any tips or tricks to make it quicker?

4. How can I push my changes to the main system? What are the approvers that can check my work and review the PR?

5. How can I gate my changes behind a feature flag so that the new code can be enabled through configuration?

6. What is the process to deploy my changes to production? Is there a staging environment I should deploy to first? Is there a checklist?

7. What does the telemetry approach look like? How should I track metrics, logs and errors in the code?

8. Are there any dashboards that I should check for issues after my deployment?